Tube Displays

//Tube Displays
  • LED Retail Tube

    “Flexible range from narrow to wide seamless LED graphics” • Metal base and feet gives it robust stability for a high traffic retail environment • Two sizes available • Looks like a permanent fixture, but is portable • Uses 43mm tubes for high durability
  • Tube iPad stand

    “A functional, interactive display system that will really make you stand out”
    • Stylish design at no loss of stability
    • Washable graphic allows for best look
    • Allows for interactivity when displaying
    • Lightweight and easily portable with carry bag
    • Suitable for all iPad's / tablets up to 10.5in
  • Mini Walls

    “This small, portable Display wall is perfect for promoting your brand on the go”
    • Zip on graphics that are easy to apply
    • Numbered poles for short, non-complicated build
    • Available in 2 shapes: Straight and Curved
    • Perfect Mini Wall to promote a brand on a table top
  • Snake

    "A luxurious and indulgent display that makes a statement"
    • Unusual shape
    • Very stable
    • The graphic can be washed
    • Luxurious affordability
    • 32mm anodised alu tube, black bungee, bag
  • "Most efficient use of media with the same amount of visual area"
    • Practical curved shape for stability
    • Standard product with a custom look
    • Packs away into a compact carry bag
    • Flowing design on a smaller footprint
  • Arch

    "This is close to as good as it gets with freestanding fabric structures"
    • Stable design with widened base area
    • 270cm fabric display
    • One piece graphic simply zippers tight
    • Fabulous value for money
    • Packs away into a compact carry bag
  • C-Booth

    "A meeting room that can literally be put anywhere"
    • Nothing like it for such a small outlay
    • A fantastic soft look with a great shape
    • The whole image is washable
    • In minutes it packs away into a compact bag
  • 3D Disk

    "A dramatic 3D shape that is usefully also double sided"
    • Stable within its own footprint
    • Can be illuminated if required
    • Packs away into a compact carry bag
  • Lightweight Tube Banner

    "Fantastic value displays"
    • 2 sizes available, 850mm & 1000mm
    • 3 new sizes coming soon! 150cm, 200cm & 250cm! Go big or go home?
    • Soft and elegant look that packs away in minutes into a protective carry bag
    • Stable, sophisticated design as it is complete as one seamless graphic
    • Extremely lightweight
  • "From narrow to wide seamless graphics"
    • With its metal base it has all the stability you need for a high traffic retail environment
    • 4 sizes available
    • It has the look of a permanent fixture yet is portable
    • Uses strong 32mm tubes for high durability and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes
  • Tube Counter

    "A very stylish 'waist-high' design counter that simply looks good!"
    • Inviting elipse shape
    • Wipeable work surface
    • Very compact stowed in the bag dimensions
    • Washable graphics
  • "Protect your investment with a hard case"
    • Suitable for use with various display products
    • Worthwhile investment
    • Sturdy material
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