1. Customer Service

Phones answered in 20 seconds

We promise you'll always come through to a member of the team without long waits, or diverted calls

2. Two Hour Promise

Quotes back in 2 hours of sending

We'll send a quote back to you no more than 2 hours after it being requested (and we usually do it quicker than that!)

3. Guarantee

1, 5, LIFE guarantees

All of our products are protected by a 1 year, 5 years or life guarantee to give you the trust and faith you need to supply your customers worry free

4. Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Internal Account Manager & Admin Team

You'll get your own dedicated account manager with us from the get go. It's important to us that you know who you're dealing with so we can offer a more personal and tailored level of service

5. Product Development

Product Development

We are constantly improving product lines as well as adding our own OEM features to existing ones. It’s our aim to provide the best in the industry, from the most stable pop-ups to the most durable roller banners

6. Cost-effective

Competitive prices

Exceptional quality products at a reasonable price

7. Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Whilst everything you need will be inside your customer portal. We also have marketing support available to help with any other requests

8. Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

We offer next day delivery in the UK if you order with us before 5pm for normal orders or 4pm for pallet orders