“There’s no better, faster, easier way to display your brand with a pop up tent”. 

Outdoor Pop Up Tents are quick and easy portable tents that protect you and your products from the elements.

Made from lightweight aluminium or durable steel and covered with a waterproof fabric in a choice of standard colours or custom-printed roof and sides.

Comes complete with a wheeled bag.

  • Choice of sizes from 2 X 2m, 3 X 3m, 3 X 4.5m and 3 X 6m
  • Telescopic legs for height adjustment
  • Complete with wheeled carry bag, frame and ground pegs
  • Choice of standard or printed roof, wall, half-wall and weight options
  • Sets up in less than 10 minutes and can withstand wind speeds of 30mph
Product CodeProduct Description
TENT-XA33Outdoor Pop Up Tent Alu 3 x 3
ROOF-WHITE-33Pop Up Tent Roof 3 x 3 White
ROOF-BLUE-33Pop Up Tent Roof 3 x 3 Blue
ROOF-GREY-33Pop Up Tent Roof 3 x 3 Grey
ROOF-RED-33Pop Up Tent Roof 3 x 3 Red
WALL-FULL-3MFull Wall 3 x 2.15 White
WALL-FULL-BLUE-3MFull Wall 3 x 2.15 Blue
WALL-FULL-GREY-3MFull Wall 3 x 2.15 Grey
WALL-FULL-RED-3MFull Wall 3 x 2.15 Red
HALF-WALL-BARHalf Wall Bar incl. clamps
WALL-HALF-3MHalf Wall 3m White
WALL-HALF-BLUE-3MHalf Wall 3m Blue
WALL-HALF-GREY-3MHalf Wall 3m Grey
WALL-HALF-RED-3MHalf Wall 3m Red
G-TENT-ROOF-33Pop Up Tent Roof Dye Sub Graphic 3 x 3
G-TENT-FW-3MFull Wall Dye Sub Graphic 3m
G-TENT-FWDS-3MFull Wall Double-Sided Dye Sub Graphic 3m
G-TENT-HW-3MHalf Wall Dye Sub Graphic 3m
G-TENT-HWDS-3MHalf Wall Double-Sided Dye Sub Graphic 3m
7.5KG-WEIGHT7.5kg Cement Weight
BAG-WHEEELED-33Wheeled Bag 3 x 3