What entry-level kits are available to sign-makers considering a move into this competitive market sector?

Are you considering making a move into the sign-making arena?  If so you’ve chosen a sector in the display market where you can buy starter kits for a relatively low amount of money yet also offering maximum impact for promoting your business.

With this in mind Very Displays stock a wide range of signage products from simple standoffs to illuminated frames and displays.  This means we can help start you off with a selection of products and build your business in this sector with a relatively small outlay but with great prospects for the future.


Top 10 sign-making entry kits

1. Standoffs – 

One  of the most cost-effective solutions for sign making. Standoffs are simple in design and made of high quality aluminium components.  Equally important they can be used for a variety of rigid substrates such as acrylic and plastic. If you want your message to have a 3D look, standoffs are the perfect answer as they allow the artwork to stand away from the wall. Very Displays offer two sizes 12mm and 19mm from a little over 30p for each standoff.

Poster using standoffs

Environment: Retail, museums, hotels and spas, offices, showrooms

Ease of Use: Medium, drilling required

Hardware cost: Low


2. Poster Snap Rails –

These clever 25mm snap and grip action poster rails are a great entry-level sign making product.  Made from grey plastic with black end caps and hooks, they are available in a wide range of sizes. Should you have a specific space to fill ask for custom made lengths too. In addition Poster Snap Rails simply snap onto your poster for a fast and effective display. Its important to know the rails can be used with paper, card, PVC and even some fabrics. Also they are ideal to suspend from the ceiling making poster rails the perfect sign solution for retail environments.

Hanging poster rails

Environment: Retail, airports, showrooms, exhibition halls, galleries

Ease of use: Easy, hanging required

Hardware cost: Low


3. Poster Snap Frames –

Similar to Poster rails, Poster Snap Frames are super easy snap action mitred frames. Your poster simply sits in the frame and is secured quickly by snapping the frame over the substrate. Significantly they are made from attractive 25mm anodised profiles that support posters of up to 0.5mm thickness can be hung portrait or landscape.  Furthermore Very Displays stocks A4 to A0 poster frames at very competitive prices.

Poster snap frame

Environment: Surgeries, offices, retail, showrooms

Ease of use: Easy, wall fixing required

Hardware cost: Low


4. Lockable Notice Board –

If you need something a bit more secure, a lockable notice board is the perfect visual display solution. Very Displays supply frames in A1, A2 and A3 sizes. Each frame has a clever hinged door with a locking support to keep it open while you place your poster inside.  Equally important the graphic is protected by a clear acrylic panel.  Consequently the Lockable Notice Board is an outstanding sign kit for heavy footfall areas where you don’t want your message to be tampered with.

Lockable notice board

Environment: Airports, rail stations, retail, exhibition halls, public notice boards, schools and universities

Ease of use: Easy, wall fixing required

Hardware cost: Low


5. Freestanding Snap Frame –

Perhaps you need a freestanding sign making option?   For this reason Very Displays offers a range of  frames at great low prices.  We believe this is the perfect freestanding frame solution for retail outlets, restaurants, public buildings and show rooms.  This attractive two part aluminium post and base is available in A3 or A4. In addition you can position it either portrait or landscape. And finally the 25mm snap frame can take leaflets and graphics up to 0.5mm thick.  Ultimately a very popular, stable and versatile stand alone frame system. 

Free-standing Snap Frame

Environment: Reception areas, restaurants, show rooms, exhibitions

Ease of use: Easy, components need joining together 

Hardware cost: Medium


6. 15mm Tension Graphic Frame –

For a more tactile effect, you can’t get better than a Tension Graphic Frame.  Using silicone edged fabric that pushes into the channel on the frame, your graphic will be smooth and seamless. As a result you will have a very striking display.  Furthermore the thin extrusion allows for less visible frame and a full graphic area.
It is important to know that Very Displays offers custom sizes to fit any area.

Tension Graphic Frame

Environment: Retail, museums, galleries, showrooms

Ease of use: Medium, frame to be assembled, SEG graphic needs fixing into channel

Hardware cost: Medium


7. SEG Freestanding Frame – 

Need a freestanding sign display? Then why not try the SEG Freestanding Frame?  This clever system uses silicone edged fabric which pushes into the special channel in the frame.  Consequently the design allows you to show off your message in a sleek almost invisible frame. For even more impact there is an illuminated LED version too. Very Displays offers three different widths and each comes with two twist out feet for extra stability.

SEG Freestanding Frame

Environment: Retail, showroom, exhibitions

Ease of Use: Medium, SEG graphic needs fixing into channel

Hardware cost: Medium


8. Magnetic Freestanding Frame –

A slightly different way of promoting your freestanding image is by using Magnetic Freestanding frames.  Add easy change magnetic edged rollable graphics to the 2.4cm frame to create a pleasing slimline banner.  In addition they also come with a weighted steel base for stability.  To point out Very Displays stocks three different sizes and suggest banner vinyl or pop-up graphic media for best results.

Magnetic Free-standing Frame

Environment: Retail, exhibitions, hotels, showrooms

Ease of use: Easy, use magnetic strips on graphic

Hardware cost: Medium


9. PVC SEG Lightbox

For the wow factor illuminate your graphic using the PVC SEG Lightbox.  This freestanding backlit system is made from a PVC extrusion frame and supports SEG fabric graphic. The graphic then slots into the SEG channel on the frame.  As a result the edge-lit LED frame projects a vibrant, smooth and even light behind your graphic. Very Displays offers this display in three different widths complete with two twist out feet for stability. A final key point is the frame also comes with a quality padded bag to keep everything protected.

PVC SEG Lightbox

Environment: Retail, exhibitions, showrooms

Ease of use: Medium, SEG graphic needs fixing into channel

Hardware cost: Medium


10. LED SEG Lightbox

Another similar lightbox solution is the LED SEG Lightbox.  Important to know is that this version offers a sleek almost invisible frame that illuminates your display using 6000k bright white lighting.  Also the profile is 80mm which makes it exceptionally sturdy. Moreover, this is a product with low impact on the environment as it is low energy. In fact it is low-voltage and long-lasting plus graphics can be washed and used time and again. Very Displays stocks two widths and the product comes complete with a protective padded bag.

LED SEG Lightbox

Environment: Retail, exhibitions, reception areas

Ease of use: Medium, SEG graphic needs fixing into channel

Hardware cost: Medium


Competitive yet Lucrative

The signage market can be very competitive, but also very lucrative. As you can see we have many products at great prices to suit all environments and all pockets!  Furthermore we are on hand to give you advice on breaking into this market and providing you with all the products you will need to do so.


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