Environmental Impact

Very Displays is very aware of the impact businesses can have on the environment and are committed to improving the quality of our products. Why are we doing this? So that each product becomes more sustainable, helping them to last years, if not a lifetime. 

There are many many ways we can reduce the impact on our environment. One is to look to design and source more sustainable products. We are looking to work in a more cost-effective way by adopting the ISO 14001 standards. Our sales team are driving hybrid cars. We also purchase pre-used or refurbished machinery. This reduces the sourcing of new components and the production of the unit.  

Furthermore our flexible working environment allows many of our staff to work from home and only come into the office once or twice a week. This reduces the amount of fuel and emissions from driving in every day.

Very Displays Sustainable Products

Let us introduce you to some of the sustainable products we have in our range.  Our plan is to continue with our research and development to bring more and more sustainable products to the market.

Square PVC R Banner

This banner provides “Exceptional performance at an affordable price”

It is made of recycled PVC construction giving a high degree of resilience. It’s a good looking banner with unique design features. It also has twin feet for ultimate stability. This type of banner is always supplied with a protective carry bag.  The body of our PVC Roller Banner is made using 100% Recycled PVC. Using recycled PVC material it is more ecological and better for our environment

Cassette R Banner

The Cassette R Banner is a cost-effective, sustainable product that allows you to reload and change your graphic in seconds. This is easily our most innovative banner.

This type of banner is adaptable to any environment. Furthermore, it is sleek and stylish with a telescopic pole allowing you to adjust your height to fit the available space.

It allows you to change your message on the go by easily swapping cassettes. Economic graphic replacement means the cost is similar to our generic roller banners. This avoids the need to keep buying new banners when you want to change your message on a regular basis. A great way to help combat sustainability issues.

LED Lightbox

A LED Lightbox allows you to “Display your message in a sleek, almost invisible aluminium light box. Get ready for a show-stopping result!”  Illuminate your display from afar using 6000k bright white LED lighting.

The 80mm aluminium profile makes this lightbox exceptionally sturdy but also means you have minimal frame on show and more visible graphic space. It’s available in two widths – 85cm and 100cm.

It’s an environmentally friendly solution due to its low-energy, low-voltage but long-lasting LEDs. Lightboxes are a great alternative to generic roller banners which more often than not, get thrown in the bin after a few uses.

This product comes complete in a high-quality padded bag with foam inserts to keep it organised and protected during transit. It’s ideal for use at exhibitions and trade shows due to it’s solid, durable frame. Having said that it’s also a suitable choice for use in retail environments.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Our Design Engineer, Gary Parker, is currently looking for new and innovative packaging solutions that do not contain single-use plastic. The plastic is likely to be replaced with a recycled paper solution and more information will be available in the near future. 

Hybrid Cars

Our Sales Team have been issued with brand new Hybrid Cars, a new greener way to visit our Trade Clients. The main advantages of a hybrid are that it should consume less fuel and emit less CO2 than a comparable conventional petrol or diesel-engined vehicle.

Hybrid Cars are great when travelling through towns and cities or indeed if the roads are congested. At low speeds only the electric motor is used to power the car, making it very economical for stop-start city driving. Another great design for protecting our environment is in the braking technology. Whenever you decelerate or use the brakes, the regenerative braking system produces electricity and stores it in the battery for use later on. 

When the time is right and the infrastructure is in place across the country, the Very Displays Sales team will switch to fully electric cars. Until then we are doing everything we can to help reduce our carbon footprint as a company. This includes driving hybrid cars.

ISO 14001

But it doesn’t stop there… we are also in the process of working towards our ISO 14001. This is a joint venture with our sister company, Trifibre. This will show our efforts to becoming a cleaner, greener business. By being accredited will we will be able to work with a wider range of suppliers who are also 14001 accredited.

Our Pledge for Sustainability

We are proud of the efforts we are making and how our staff are embracing new ways of working. Many of them are coming up with great ideas for sustainability.
Very Displays encourages innovation and creativeness which we feel is essential for the ongoing solutions needed to create a better world to live in.

About Very Displays

Very Displays’ has over 50 years experience of the display industry.

We work exclusively with Trade Only customers throughout the UK as well as European Hubs in France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Canada.

Strengthened by being part of the Trifibre Group – Europe’s leading case manufacturer – we work with the trade to offer a full range of display products. This includes, banners, pop-ups, flags, cases, counters, literature stands, signage, outdoor, tube systems and backwalls.

We also offer a full dye sublimation and uv printing and finishing service along with sales and marketing support.

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