We take ‘knowing your product’ seriously, as those that are ill informed do none of us any favours.

Very Displays offer all types of training from team group days to one-to-ones. You can bring your entire sales team to visit our showroom (or we can bring select products to you), or you can come along alone and gain all the information you need about our products.

We’re truly flexible when it comes to training and really want to help you in every way we can, so that you understand the products you’re selling right down to the nuts and bolts if you wish.

Our focus is on maximising how you can win more tenders, secure more orders and increase your business offering.

We are working on a quick training activity plan with topical questions and a quiz. It will be available online and will test you for accuracy, relevance and speed.  Those who know their stuff will exude confidence, resulting in higher sales where you’ll receive continuously competitive prices from Very Displays.

We will promote Special offers at certain times of the year only to those that participate, this is a good reason for letting us spend time helping you understand our product range.