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Training at Very Displays


We take ‘knowing your product’ seriously, as those that are ill informed do none of us any favours whatsoever.  Very Displays offer all types of training, random group days, additions to your sales meeting with show and tell and training with one or two hour specials, 121 at our showroom days or half days. In other words we are truly flexible and really want to help you in every aspect of our products right down to the nuts and bolts if you wish !

However we focus on maximising  how you can win more tenders, secure more orders for more product and graphics and helping make your website perform better.


We have a very complete FAQ section which has a lot of answers within its content. Its widely used every day by our staff and clients alike using the exact same information, we do not recommend using e.mail as its static and goes out of date almost immediately raising the chances of mis-information.


 We are working on a quick training activity plan with topical questions and a quiz. It will be on line and will test you for accuracy, relevance and speed, it marks on the overall result.  Those who know their stuff will exude confidence ultimately result in higher sales which will result in better prices from Very Displays.

Very Displays will promote Special offers at certain times of the year only to those that participate, this is a good reason for letting us spend time helping you understand our product range.