Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser (Automatic and Manual)


“Cost-effective solution to ensure hand hygiene is maintained”

    • Wall-mounted automatic and manual hand sanitiser dispenser
    • Easily refillable – 1-litre capacity compatible with Hand Sanitiser Liquid 
    • Ideal for high-traffic areas such as retail spaces, office toilet areas, corridors, and in hospitality
    • The Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser is a touchless sensor-operated solution
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Wall Mounted Hand Sanitisers are a cost-effective solution that helps encourage hygienic and safe environments. We offer two variations of this solution: manual and automatic each is designed to be mounted to flat walls and is made of durable white plastic. Each solution has the capacity of holding up to 1 litre of anti-bacterial liquid or gel.

The manual solution is easy-to-use and utilizes a push hand dispenser to operate. The automatic hand sanitiser is a touch-free solution that incorporates a touchless sensor to release the anti-bacterial liquid making for a more hygiene and efficient solution. The Automatic Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser requires 4 x C type batteries which are not included.

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Dimensions 270 × 110 × 130 mm
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