Protective Face Shield

All-around protective face visor

  • Full-face visor to protect face, eyes, nose and mouth from direct contact with liquids
  • Clear PET material that is easily wipe-clean and can be re-worn
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear with an adjustable head strap


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Essential personal protective equipment (PPE) that helps reduce direct contact with liquids and other types of airborne droplets. This high-quality full-face shield/visor is made with strong PET material and is complete with an adjustable head strap to support a comfortable fit. This solution can be used multiple times and is suitable for a range of environments where safe environments are critical: protective equipment for staff in retail settings, medical spaces, construction or for normal daily use. It is recommended that if this solution is used regularly that it is washing with water or rubbing-alcohol frequently.




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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 323 × 220 × 25 mm
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