Hand Sanitiser Liquid/Gel (5 Litres)


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“5 litres of anti-bacterial liquid hand sanitiser”

  • High performance and fast-drying anti-bacterial liquid that fights the spread of bacteria and viruses
  • >80% alcohol content suitable for personal use and as a surface disinfectant
  • Compatible with our range of hand sanitising units
  • Perfect for refilling hand sanitiser dispensers, boxed in sets of 4 with one spout per box
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It is advised to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds regularly, however, this isn’t always an option so make sure that you have a supply of alcohol-based anti-bacterial hand liquid available.

Anti-bacterial instructions:

  1. Apply to clean, dry hands, fill the palm of one hand with the solution.
  2. Rub hands, wrists, fingers and around the nails for at least 30 seconds
  3. Do not rinse and allow to air dry


  • Store at room temperature (15 to 25 °C)

Precaution for use:

  • External use on healthy skin only
  • Do not swallow
  • Do not use with other products
  • If a rash appears on skin or any other reaction, cease using and wash hands when available to do so
  • The packaging must be disposed of as hazardous or non-hazardous waste if rinsed with water, under the full responsibility of the waste holder.


Box of 4, one spout, refill pot for existing hand sanitizers

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