• "Tall to small instant rotating display action" 
    • Easy to rotate and collapse
    • Appealing, round shape ideal for 360 graphics
    • Includes high-quality wheeled carry bag
  • Foam Cube

  • Automatic Counter

    "Automatically sets up from a single touch in less than 10 seconds, with two shapes to choose from"
    • Uses textile graphics that can be washed
    • Packs away in less than 10 seconds
    • No loose parts or components
    • Patented design
    • 5 years guarantee
    • Available in oval and square shape
  • "Tall to small instant rotating action display"
    • Easy to rotate and collapse
    • Appealing, round shape ideal for 360 graphics
    • Includes high-quality padded carry bag
  • "The default portable counter"
    • Waterproof and washable white counter with middle shelf
    • Graphics can be screen printed or vinyl application
    • Sets up in less than 5 minutes
    • Complete with shelf, header panel and carry bag
  • "A square and sturdy fabric graphic counter"
    • Straight appearance gives strength and solidity
    • There are no loose parts
    • The graphics can be washed if required
    • Completely tool free assembly
  • "A large curved table top with a hinging lid"
    • Curved appearance, strong and stable
    • Fast to install and dismantle
    • Extra storage with 4 shelves built in
    • Complete with a protective carry bag
  • "Optional header panel and poles to add value and range to your Outdoor PVC Counter"
    • Poles simply slot into the top of your counter
    • Self adhesive vinyl can be applied to your header panel
  • "Weatherproof waterfilled base/top counter"
    • Engaging curved design
    • Sets up in a few minutes
    • Graphics can be used easily with Velcro attachment
    • Optional header pane
  • "A simple and stable curved counter made of 3 parts"
    • Includes reversible counter top with 1 side black and the other teak, for a versatile display
    • Assembled in 2 minutes
    • Rollable graphics wrap around shape and Velcro in place
    • Complete with 2 separate carry bags
  • "A really easy round counter made of 3 parts"
    • As standard includes black table top finish
    • Roll a rollable graphic around this unit
    • Complete with 2 carry bags
    • 95cm high top makes for an ideal working height
  • Tube Counter

    "A very stylish 'waist-high' design counter that simply looks good!"
    • Inviting ellipse or square shape
    • Easy to assemble - less than 5 minutes with no tools required
    • Wipe-able work surface
    • Very compact stowed in the bag dimensions
    • Washable graphics
    • 5 years guarantee
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