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  • "High-performance water base flags"
    • Two versions in 4m and 5m high
    • Moulded bases that take water/sand for stability
    • Easily transported and assembled in minutes
    • Great value for money and capable of being used in wind speeds of up to 35kp/h
  • "Practical street banner flags for vinyl or fabric" Choose from single or twin arm and post fit or wall fit.
    • Two types to choose from - single or double
    • Exceptionally strong as made of cast aluminium and GRP solid rods
    • Easy to fit and adjust, all parts supplied
    • Can withstand wind speeds up to 45kph (recommended with wind slits)
  • Economy Flag

    "Great value 2.5m flag pole with water base"
    • Stylish black water base which can hold up to 15 litres of water or sand
    • Capable of being used in winds up to 30kph
    • Assembled in less than 3 minutes
    • Great value and re-usability day in, day out
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