Exhibition Cases

//Exhibition Cases
  • Roller Trolley Cases

    "Move your products with ease with our range of Roller Trolley Cases"
    • Available in different shapes
    • Wheels for easier transportation of products
    • Opt for an extra hard padded case with our Popular Trolley Bag
  • ZEUS Case

    "Because it's so important to make sure your equipment arrives in pristine condition"
    • Can fit pop-ups up to 3x5 inside
    • When bought with a table top, the Zeus case can be transformed into a counter in a matter of seconds
    • Add a stylish graphic wrap to complete the look
    • LIFE time guarantee
    Spec Sheet
  • Pegasus Case

    "The premium case for all your needs"
    • Can transport a huge range of our backwall displays
    • Can transform into a large ergonomic graphic display counter
    • Tabletop conversion kits are available
    Spec Sheet
  • Eos Case

    "The big brother to the Leonardo, the exhibitors choice"
    • Larger storage allows for more items
    • Wheels allow for easy transportation
    Spec Sheets
  • Leonardo Case

    "A stylish ellipse shaped counter designed to keep your products safe"
    • Can fit up to a 3x3 Pop up inside
    • Join two cases back to back to make an effective podium
    Spec Sheet
  • "Protect your investment with a hard case"
    • Suitable for use with various display products
    • Worthwhile investment
    • Sturdy material
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