There are vast amounts of digital solutions available today, leading to the more traditional forms of promotion being overlooked. However, all you need to do is take a walk down the high street to see that print promotion is still very relevant. Flags are a fantastic way for smaller business enterprises to advertise their retail companies on the aggressively competitive high street. With the internet continually making the high street a more difficult environment to compete, affordable solutions for adverting are always a welcome sight for business owners.

So, why does traditional marketing still hold such a valued place in your business?

We’ve put together 3 very important reasons why flags can still be utilised to promote your business:

  1. 24/7 brand exposure (traditional advertising “it’s always on”)

With the internet being cluttered with rival companies and window-shoppers a flag allows for real life advertising around the clock. Excluding upfront investment, there are no further costs to using this product to promote your business. Your brand won’t be buried under a load of other website advertisers and you’ll be utilising the space that your business is physically within.

  1. Your own design as you want it (Multipurpose)

This is your space to design and display as you wish. It can be informative, advertising upcoming events, or even used for launching new products. With your imprint on your flags, your company will be easily more recognisable with a distinctive look. Your brand becomes better established as you have a wider array of marketing material promoting your company. Flags could be the factor that leads to how customer perceive your entire brand. Utilised correctly, flags will give your company a competitive success over you competitors.

  1. Low investment & Versatile

Flags are a reasonably low investment compared to other premium types of advertising and they’re also simple to use and multifunctional. Flags are easy to deconstruct, store and wash, meaning you have a life-long product at a fraction of the cost. Refer to our leaflet on how best to protect and maintain your flag

We have a vast range of products for different purposes that we provide at Very Displays. Our flags are reliable and can be used in a wide range of environments from shopping centres to tradeshows to festivals. Makes sure that you capitalise on this low investment product to help you promote… well, you.