Q. How did Very Displays get into supplying exhibition stands?

A. Very Displays has the combined knowledge and experience of over 50 years with some of the industry’s key players.
This means we know a thing or two about supplying exhibition stands and portable display solutions.
We have
an experienced and energised product development team ready to bring the latest innovations to the market.
This has resulted in us helping our trade customers’ increase their turnover with an improved product offering.

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Q. What kind of clients/markets does Very Displays serve?

A.  Very Displays supplies products and services to Trade Only Customers.
This can range from businesses with just a handful of staff right up to large national and European entities.
Our Clients vary greatly in what they offer to their customers.
We are confident that our display products and services along with our wide format printing facility can cope with any of our customers’ demands. 

Q. How is Very Displays addressing the sustainability issue? 

A.  We’re constantly improving the quality of our products to become more sustainable, so that they last years, if not a lifetime.
Moreover, we have recently released a roller banner made from recycled plastic.
In the same way our cassette banner allows you to change your graphic without throwing away the base. 

Our Design Engineer, Gary Parker, is currently looking for new, innovative packaging solutions which do not contain single use plastic.
Which means, our packaging is likely to be replaced with a recycled paper solution. More information will be available in the near future. 

But it doesn’t stop there… we’re also in the process of working towards our ISO 14001 – a joint venture with our sister company, Trifibre.
This will show our efforts to becoming a cleaner, greener business.  

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Q. Can you talk about a favourite project? What was interesting about it? 

A.  Less than three years in business, Very Displays, tops it’s biggest ever order value!  This now proves we are a force to be reckoned with.
This order saw over 900 custom 3m back walls going from concept to live samples (in less than 1 week!)
Furthermore, from sign off to production and onto delivery took jus 8 weeks – pretty impressive stuff!
The Very Displays team continues to go from strength to strength as it grows and shows no sign of stopping. 

Q. Has Very Displays seen an increase in demand for particular designs/requirements of exhibition stands?  

A.  We’ve recently seen a surge in sales of our Generic Pop-up, which we think this has a lot to do with price.
However we also believe it is due to the cross-compatibility of the product.
All of the accessories that go with these products can be used across competitor products.
This means it is very desirable to a lot of companies as they don’t have to throw out an old system to start using a new supplier.
Enabling a nice cross-over period before making the switch. 

Generic Pop-up

Lightboxes are becoming an increasingly popular product as they’re something new and refreshing to the industry.
What better way to catch somebody’s attention then with bright, bold LED’s that illuminate a seamless fabric graphic? 

LED Lightbox

Q. How does Very Displays view the exhibitions market at the moment?   

A. We are a strong supporter of exhibitions and trade-shows and the purpose they serve.
However, we’re also very aware of some of the obstacles that might hinder businesses on becoming regular exhibitors.
For starters, they can be incredibly expensive. This means you’ve got to be sure your demographic is going to attend in order to see a return on investment.
Secondly, competitors are likely to be exhibiting, so you’ve got to be sure you stand out from the crowd.
Moreover, you need to successfully market your attendance in the run up to the show for maximum impact. 

However, whilst these are things to be aware of, we think the positives far outweigh the negatives.
For example, exhibitions are a great way to increase brand awareness.
They are a great medium to network, market yourself, launch new products and show off your printing capability.
Finally, exhibiting is a cost effective way to meet new customers and existing clients to build a strong database of contacts. 

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Very Displays’ has over 50 years experience of the display industry.

We work exclusively with Trade Only customers throughout the UK as well as European Hubs in France, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Portugal as well as Canada.

Strengthened by being part of the Trifibre Group – Europe’s leading case manufacturer – we work with the trade to offer a full range of display products. This includes, banners, pop-ups, flags, cases, counters, literature stands, signage, outdoor, tube systems and backwalls. We also offer a full dye sublimation and uv printing and finishing service along with sales and marketing support.

Our service levels are second to none and include:
Less than two hour quote response.
Phones answered within 20 seconds
Next day delivery, plus much more.

For more information contact us on 0116 2323156 or visit www.verydisplays.com