• Why should sign-makers turn to a trade supplier to outsource their banner projects?

As a trade only supplier, it’s important to us that we’re able to offer a 360° display solution to help across all aspects of our clients business. This is everything from competitive hardware only pricing, high-quality graphics, flexible and transparent customer service and helpful marketing materials. We’re here to support our clients, not compete with them, no matter how big or small. Outsourcing banner projects allows businesses to free up their graphics department to make room for larger, more profitable jobs, but it’s also a great opportunity to add value to your business by offering a wider range of sizes and materials without having to invest heavily in larger underused machines.


  • What would the benefits be? Is it cheaper in any way?

It allows you to flex your business in busy or quiet times and take on more work whilst keeping your own production at full capacity. It is not necessarily cheaper but the responsibility and waste are not with yourself and allow you to offer more print then you are capable of doing on your own.


  • Do you maintain relationships with sign-makers so that they keep outsourcing their banner work?

We have strong relationships with our clients, sign-markers making up a significant percentage of these. Over the years we’ve invested a lot into our graphics and finishing department with a range of commercial printers that give us credibility. Our clients feel confident that we can supply quality prints time and time again whether that be for roller banner and pop-up materials, fabric stretch or flag knit and we supply them on time, directly to them or white-labelled to their customers.


  • Even from a trade supplier point of view, could there be a benefit to having the work in-house?

Of course! With the right investment in machinery and skilled, knowledgeable team members, printing in-house can be extremely profitable, but it does require exactly that, investment. We’ve got well over 50 years’ worth of experience in this industry under our belts and at times we all experience production issues with staff and machinery but it’s all a learning curve and we’re now in a position where we have an incredible team behind us. We have professional equipment and strong relationships with couriers and hauliers, allowing us to provide a seamless service from start to finish and means your business doesn’t have to be investment heavy where it doesn’t need to be.


  • Anything else that you would like to add?

Over the next few months we are investing in some new equipment both printing and finishing equipment to streamline our service and improve our quality, we also have an exciting growing range of new products that use traditional roll materials. The advantage with this is that it allows you to either print more yourself or if required simply outsource, it depends on your circumstances.