We are all aware of the toll that the printing and signage industry has on the environment. 

Some businesses may turn a blind eye on the issue, however, we at Very Displays are joining other companies within the industry with taking steps to help combat the climate crisis.  


Despite only being at the early stages of our sustainable journey, we have set goals for up to the next five years. They are broken down into 3 sections, ‘Sourcing, Purchasing and External Partners’, ‘Product’ and ‘Internal’. We have done this with the aim of reducing any environmental inefficiencies across the entire business.

We are continuously reviewing the entire supply chain to make improvements where possible with the final goal to reduce our carbon footprint and embed sustainability in our culture.


Sustainable Journey


We are working with our supply partners to continuously improve our corporate sustainable output and protect the planet and equally the people who live on it!

As consumers we all dispose of tonnes of packaging materials each year, unfortunately these don’t disappear into thin air! Most of it is taken to landfill…

Some materials take hundreds of years to decompose, so to combat this and the overall environmental crisis, here are some of the steps we are taking:

  • Actively looking for ways to reduce and eventually eliminate all use of bubble wrap and replace with an effective, but more environmentally friendly alternative.
  • By 2028 all suitable product packing materials will be recyclable or biodegradable.
  • Every pallet will be wrapped with recyclable material.
  • All of our delivery boxes are made from recycled materials.
  • Containers are maximised (often achieving 68CBM per container).
  • All lighting within our warehouse and dispatch are LED censored.


Have a read through our entire sustainable journey to see many more or alternatively download the PDF document.

Watch this space for more sustainable updates.

Sustainable Journey