Our new Sales and Marketing Intern gives us the inside scope on what it’s like joining a busy start-up straight out of university. Over to you Matt…

So I’m over a month into my Internship at Very Displays. No one can prepare you for the jump from university to the actual work place.

Before starting I was so worried that I wouldn’t perform well enough, not knowing the industry. It’s a big deal – a company is taking on someone with minimal experience to help with key tasks and that’s a frightening thing, to think that I wouldn’t be up to the task. I was also worried that my teas and coffees wouldn’t be good enough!

However, despite my initial reservations, my time at Very Displays has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve learnt so much in these last few weeks and I have so much to take away from this experience already and it’s only been a month. When I uploaded my first social media post that I, myself, had produced and created, gave me such satisfaction and self-accomplishment. I felt like I had finally left my mark on the working world.

Since then, I have done so much more. I’ve travelled far (really far)on business trips – like all the way to Carlisle in Scotland far – to talk to clients and potential new customers. I’ve helped out at our latest trade show, The Print Show, from assembling and disassembling the stand to talking to clients and engaging with everything available at the event. Seeing so many different printing companies sounds really boring to people not in the industry, but I now have a real interest for what’s going on and developing a new passion. In the workplace I’ve also spoken to real businesses on the phone, helping build my confidence which was a real issue at the beginning of this placement.

The Very Team has made me feel very welcome. Everyone has been kind and friendly, making this work space easy to integrate into. People work really hard here, I have a lot to compete with, but everyone is always up for a good chat which is really nice. With my previous jobs, I haven’t felt as welcomed and almost a wall had been put up, whereas here I’ve met some people that have become real friends.

What I’m trying to say is that in the short time I’ve been at Very Displays I’ve learnt A LOT. I’ve developed rapidly in this small amount of time, I’m more organised and can manage my time better than ever. This will obviously help me throughout my year here, but now I have these extra skills that I can take with me wherever I go next. I can also talk to people easier and have far more confidence in myself.


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