Display and sign solutions for direct messaging in times of critical importance.

We are committed to adapting and innovating our display solutions, now more so than ever.

That’s why we have developed a range of products to support healthcare facilities and communicate crucial information. These solutions are quick to deploy and simple to use.

Tube Medical Facilities

Temporary medical facilities are created using our tube systems which can be used in a range of environments and in urgent situations. Whether that’s for private medical booths, screening rooms or partitions, this solution is flexible to your requirements.

Benefits of tube systems:

  • Quick to deploy and set up within minutes
  • Made of lightweight and sturdy aluminium
  • Stability is secured with two feet
  • Printed on display polyester for quick and easy assembly
  • Washable fabric graphics at 30 degrees
  • Available in a range of sizes: 250 – 600cm

Get in touch to find out more information and how we can support your medical and healthcare solutions.

This is an ideal solution for direct messaging and promoting social distancing measures in essential work environments. This solution can also be used as partitions and private screens. Printed on stretch display polyester and requiring no tools making set-up and deployment quick and simple.

Retail Tube Display (TFD)

Sturdy and versatile display solution for direct messaging. It has the look of a permanent fixture yet is portable. It uses strong 32mm tubes for high durability and can be assembled in less than 5 minutes.

Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

This freestanding white PVC hand sanitiser dispenser is a practical hand hygiene solutions that be used in a range of environments. Totally portable and mobile this solution is ideal for emergencies and where wall-mounted options aren’t available.

    Signage and Display

    Emergency healthcare signage and critical display solutions that are portable, easy-to-assemble and install.

    Our range of signage products can be used to inform and communicate crucial information and help keep essential environments safe. Discover our range of sign solutions that help reduce the risk of coronavirus.

    Name A Poster Frame (OS-POST) Popular Café Banner (OB-POP-CAFE) Magnetic Freestanding Frame (FREST-MAG) SEG Tension Wall Frame (TFG)
    Weight 7 – 19.5kg 6 – 11kg 7.5 – 12.5kg Dependent on made to order size
    Height 80 – 112cm 100cm 160 – 200cm 100 – 300cm (made to order)
    Width 47 – 65cm 100 – 200cm 40 – 80cm 70 – 150cm (made to order)
    Budget range Budget Mid-range Mid-range Mid-range
    Assembly time 2 minutes 5 minutes 2 minutes 10 minutes
    Guarantee 1 Year 1 Year 5 Years 5 Years