The LED Retail Tube Display is a highly portable, fully illuminated display that uses a tensioned, fabric graphic to create a seamless display, that glides on as easy as a sock. The system uses curtain LED’s that run the whole way down the frame to ensure maximum luminosity.

It’s ideal to use in retail situations such as shopping centres, cinema complex’s, car show rooms and coffee shops. It’s also a strong contender for use at exhibitions due to its show-stopping brightness.

There’s two size available, so you can choose to go big or small. It’s incredibly simple to build as all the parts are numbered, making it fool proof. It has two feet for extra stability and uses 43mm aluminium tube for durability, so you can be sure your frame isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

Place it against any wall or exhibition stand and watch it wow.  


PVC SEG Lightbox

A freestanding backlit system made from PVC extrusion frame and SEG tension fabric graphic. The powerful LED’s run around the inside edge of the frame to create a beautifully-finished, vibrant and seamless illuminated product. 

The graphic slots into a 12x3mm SEG which is 14.3mm deep. This is the same size across all our SEG products to make production sleek and efficient. Three width sizes to choose from to make filling your required space as easy as possible. 

It comes complete in a quality padded bag with a foam mould inside to keep the product organised during transit and avoid scuffs and scratching. It has two twist-out feet for added stability and labelled stickers to make assembling the product incredibly simple.

It’s ideal to use in retail situations such as shops, restaurants, car show rooms and coffee shops. It’s also an exceptional products for use at exhibitions due to its show-stopping brightness.


LED SEG Lightbox

Show your message in a sleek, almost invisible aluminium frame for a show-stopping look and feel. This product promises to illuminate your display from afar using 6000k bright white lighting.

The 80mm aluminium profile makes this lightbox exceptionally sturdy but also means you have minimal frame on show and more visible graphic space. It’s available in two widths – 85cm and 100cm.

It’s an environmentally friendly solution due to it’s low-energy, low-voltage but long-lasting LED’s, as well as being a great alternative to a generic roller banner which more often than not, get thrown in the bin after a few uses.

This product comes complete in a high-quality padded bag with foam inserts to keep it organised and protected during transit. It’s ideal for use at exhibitions and trade shows due to it’s solid, durable frame, but it’s also a suitable choice for use in retail environments.


    PVC Lightbox Counter

    Our first-ever LED counter! It’s an exceptionally lightweight plastic frame that assembles in a matter of minutes. The flexible SEG graphic solution makes installing your marketing message as simple as it possibly could be.

    This counter requires no tools to build, with just a few components slotting together. The LED lights follow the inside edge of the frame to give the ultimate glowing effect that grabs people’s attention even from across the room.

    This is a much smaller frame than our other LED products, making printing a cost-effective solution, allowing you to change the graphics wherever you go. It’s crisp, white PVC frame is sleek and minimalist meaning it’s suits almost all environments.

    It’s ideal to use in exhibition environments due to it’s functionality and brightness. The weight makes it extremely portable and it takes up minimal floor space but gives maximum impact.