Time for another Q&A with the Very Displays team.

    Meet Mahesh our Purchasing and Forecast Analyst who has the job of stock management for the whole Very Displays portfolio. Find out more about Mahesh below:

    • What’s it like working for Very Displays?

    Each day is different and consists of a little bit of everything. I enjoy the autonomy and ability to try new ideas.

    • What’s a day in the life at Very Displays like for you?

    Interesting, every day brings new Challenge, and I am continually learning. I get to learn new technologies and better myself in order to deliver expected requirement.

    • What’s the proudest moment you’ve had at Very Displays?

    We import over 90% of our products in shipping containers where maximum CBM is important, ensuring all space is filled. We have greatly improved our shipping CBM in a 40ft container and this makes a big difference in our costings.

    • Favourite thing about your team?

    My co-workers are awesome, they are truly like family and we are a great team.

    • What’s the biggest challenge you’re finding in the industry right now?

    Import shipping cost and raw material cost going up is the hardest challenge right now.

    • Funniest office memory?

    I always remember some one bumped into a closed door and the team erupted in laughter! Not so fun for the person or the door, but they saw the funny side too!


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