Retail Signage is one of the most successful ways of attracting clients because it’s where your business is physically based so draws customers directly to you. A successful visual message is a clear one, it’s one that radiates with the client no matter the time of year. Retail signage allows you to easily change your display with nothing being too much of a permanent fixture. This makes it simpler and more cost-effective solution giving you the freedom to stay on trend and remain relevant to the people viewing it.


We recommend the following top 3 products for your windows, hall or entrance areas:

  1. LED Retail Tube Display

LED is the most forward-thinking signage solution on the market and is a brand new innovation that’s been added to our range here at Very Displays. It’s bright, vibrant and interactive. This particular product is the most portable LED lightbox and can be moved around with ease due to its lightweight structure. It’s ideal for high traffic retail areas as it will brighten up the area making it more noticeable from afar, ensuring your message will not get missed.


  1. Freestanding Magnetic Frame (3 Series )

This display is used with traditional rollable materials meaning the resolution and the vibrancy of colours is the best it can be! This portable display can be situated in a hall, in a shop window, close to a till point or at the entrance to your business. It’s stable, compact and when used in a series of three sizes can create the perfect story for your company, product, idea or promotion.

  1. Snake

The most attractive and modern display, used with the trendiest media, stretch textile. It’s a super sleek, soft and empowering unit that stands at almost 2,3m high. Its curvaceous shape gives an elegantly dramatic and intriguing look to any space and promises to transform reception areas, lobby’s and shop windows.

A good retail solution is one you can change the message on with ease, so it’s crucial to invest in the right product that allows you to do just that. The display is there to serve you and your business, so always look out for keywords such as “strong and stable”, “modern”, and “easy to change graphics”. It’s also important to keep in mind the possibilities of adding accessories to the product in case you decide at a later date to add more lights, shelves or leaflet holders. It is all possible, you just need to think beyond traditional roller banners and then you will gain the flexibility to grow your business.


Does retail signage have a limit? You see many shops that incorporate their window displays with flowers for example with their signage. Is this an opportunity for sign-makers to branch out?


Retail Signage has been evolving in the last few years and the potential is still vast! It has more often than not been associated with simple poster graphics and roller banners, which let’s face it, for a visually striking window displays can be pretty boring.


Manufacturers and developers have introduced amazing modern and innovative solutions for retailers of all kinds of materials and products with textile making up a large percentage of the industry. However textile is not the only growing trend at the moment. Rigid and rollable materials are coming back into trend allowing more and more printing companies to be involved in creating exciting retail displays.


How can soft signage such as flags and banners help to bring customers in?


The shapes, sizes and application of flags and soft hanging banners is 360®. They can be freestanding on the floor, wall mounted, desktop mounted, ceiling mounted or even hanging in the air! They’re abstract and limitless really.


The message needs to meet the eyes of potential buyer everywhere it is possible. Outside of the shop, on the High Street of a busy town, in the shop window or shopping centre, on the beach or at a festival, the opportunities are endless! Flags are really the most purchased type of signage solution today because they’re fit for purpose for all business types where you need a small format such as A4 or as mega format like a 6m tall flag, there’s something to suit everyone.


Hanging Tube Structures dressed up in most vibrantly colourful textile soft graphics elevated high up just under ceilings will be seen from any point of the room the client walks in. You only need to name the size and the shape as they’re completely customisable and you can add LED lights for an even brighter, bolder effect.

All of these solutions don’t go out of style and can be used anywhere, anytime, over and over again with only needing to reprint graphics to change your message. It really is that simple.


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