Steps are being put in place for Brexit

Just like any other UK business, Very Displays is preparing for whatever outcome Brexit deals us. Of course, whatever the final result is, it doesn’t stop there. We anticipate months, if not years, sorting out how we work and deal with the rest of Europe and indeed the World.

A global entity

Very Displays is not just a European business but a global one. We supply many countries across the world with portable display products and services.

We’ve seen expansion further afield than just Europe and our Leadership team is re-evaluating our long-term strategic objectives amid the rapidly changing landscape of Brexit.

Our company is lean and nimble enough to be able to change and adapt to whatever is thrown at us. We will act appropriately and effectively at the right moment.

Import / Export

China is the main country we import from, and we also export to the EU.  With expected tariffs being implemented once we leave the EU with or without a deal, we are looking at ways to reduce such costs.

When the UK leave Europe there maybe changes to trading with non-EU countries that have a free-trade agreement with the EU. Once we have left, the way we access existing preferential arrangements with these countries may change and those changes may be different for each country.

Very Displays Brexit plans


“Our plans to combat these changes and how they affect us is to keep more stock in our EU hubs.  This will enable us to deliver more quickly and more cost effectively to our EU and non EU customers by parcel or pallet.” said Andrew Burdett, MD Very Displays.

“We will aim to reduce the amount of times we ship products to Europe by despatching larger quantities of stock from the UK to a main EU hub. We will then distribute from there throughout Europe and beyond. This will enable us to reduce our import and export tariffs.  In turn working this way will help keep the costs down for our EU/non EU customers.”

Expansion is the future

Export makes up an important part of Very Displays’ business and we intend to grow and not shy away in the face of Brexit.

Rest assured we will continue to supply the right products at the right prices in the right places.

Protecting the supply chain

We have a team of people who are constantly monitoring the directives from the Government. Very Displays is staying alert to new tariffs and customs checks to understand how they may affect the business.

This will allow us to react quickly thus reducing impact on the supply chain.

So whatever Brexit throws at us we are prepared and will continue to adapt so we can meet the challenges ahead.