A story of Investment at Very Displays…

In Early February we invested in a new 3.2m wide Dye Sublimation roll-to-roll printer.

The Agfa Avinci CX3200!

Running at a speed of up to 250m2 this investment has improved our print capacity and efficiencies and is helping us expand our range of fabric products (and keeping our print team very busy). The printer requires offline fixation, so it doesn’t waste material and it features the Agfa ‘Thin Ink Layer’ technology resulting in very low ink consumption, all helping us on our sustainable journey as a business. 


           Our MD states:

“Buying a new Dye Sublimation printer was the biggest single investment I had made since I joined the business 4 years ago, so our diligence during the buying process was robust. The process of choosing the right machine for our requirements (and our customer growing demand) took us most of the Autumn period, but in the end Agfa won the business because we were happy with the specification of the machine, the relationship with our sales contact and the honesty and openness from everyone we spoke to.”

 With the ability to print on Flag Knit, Display Polyester and Back Lit it’s the perfect option to fulfil our printing needs for our core hardware products.

But the investment didn’t stop there….

In March this year we have also received our NEW Titanium 3025 Cutting Machine which will enable us to improve our speed and accuracy in our finishing department, again making our print and finishing operation much more reliable for our trade customers.


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