UK Sales

Lee Stobbart

Office Manager

"Our service levels are second to none and we believe this is just as important as having high quality and well-priced products. We exist to make our customers lives as easy as possible and this will be, and is already becoming, the foundation of our success"

Maddie Ham

Senior Business Development Executive

"We have a fresh mind set with new and improved ideas. We are all for change and trying something new and innovative, paired with extremely high levels of service which makes us stand out in the crowd, along with the level of respect we have for our trade only clients."

John Morris

Business Development Executive

"Teamwork is a massive part of making things happen here, as well as the desire to want to be the best and become the biggest large format display supplier in the UK market of course"

Radha Mistry

Business Development Executive


Andy Elliott

Area Sales Manager

"We offer the best possible service to our customers and understand that without them we don’t have a business"

Jason Edgeworth

Area Sales Manager

Export Sales

Timoteus Makula

Export Business Development

"Success comes to those that wake up hungry everyday" and we definitely have that + quality products at competitive prices with reliable delivery and great account support -you can smell the success already"

Joana Gomes

Portugal Business Development

"I see Very Displays breaking down the barriers and becoming the main company of choice in the national and international market"

Mario Calvo

Product Manager - Spain

"Being a part of Very Displays gives me a sense of security as it respects the past, present, and future of our business. We’re a company that offers competitive prices without forgetting the standards of quality; we’re a company that continues to listen to what our partners really want and our service levels and marketing really portray this"

Maksim Rasimenok

Product Manager - Baltics

"Very Displays is very extraordinary, very interesting, very friendly and very attentive, ensuring that we give that little bit more for our customers"

Product Development

Gary Parker

Design Engineer

"I will ensure our team has the latest and greatest innovations in the industry, along with excellent quality products our customers can rely on to satisfy their consumers"

Mahesh Patel

Purchaser and Forecaster

"We have many years of experience in the industry, excellent customer service and innovative products that will help us succeed"


Daniel Faulkner

Marketing Coordinator

“We offer the very best display solutions packed full of creativity and innovation and that’s why I love my job, I get to talk about our amazing products every day across our social channels!”

Alina Boca



Stevie McLaughlin

Operations Manager

"I have absolutely no doubt that Very Displays will be a huge success. We have a dynamic Team that WANT to achieve, alongside a vast amount of experience within the industry. We focus on the positives of what we've learnt so that we continue grow and flourish"

Chris Allen

Warehouse Manager

"Working for Very Displays is like working for one big family"

Dean Fulford

Warehouse Team Leader

Production & Print

Adam Lee Moore

Print Room Manager

Craig McIntyre

Print Assistant

Andris Ozellins

Print Operative

"We’re the last point of contact before anything leaves the doors, so it's really important we pick the correct products for every order and are able to spot and amend any errors before it leaves"

Jurga Abraityte

Sewing Operative

Virginija Ror

Sewing Operative


Elliott Thelwell

Warehouse Operative

"I just generally enjoy my job role - picking and packing and being a part of a growing team"


Simon Boswell

Finance Director

Ziona Kemble

Accounting Assistant

"I'm certain that Very Displays will continue to evolve and grow in the future, generating plenty of business opportunities"


Andrew Burdett

Andrew Burdett

Managing Director

"My role is strategic and tactical. Using my past experience, I want to ensure Very Displays is able to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of our trade clients now and in the future"